’t Vlasbloemeken is serving a ‘Mc Lobster’ at a foodtruckfestival!


On the 28th and 29th of May the Culitruck festival will take place in Hulst, The Netherlands. Restaurant ‘t Vlasbloemeken (1 Michelinstar) will be presenting and serving a home-made lobsterburger: the Mc Lobster. We asked chef Eric van Bochove why he wanted to participate in the festival and what the guests can expect from the Mc Lobster.

What to expect from the Mc Lobster?

We don’t see it often: restaurant with a Michelin star presenting their cooking skills on food truck festivals. Restaurant ‘t Vlasbloemeken takes the plunge and is present at the two-days festival in Hulst.

The latest newsletter of the restaurant, already released a sneak preview of what was going to be served: the Mc Lobster. “The dish is a hamburger of lobster, prawns and seabass” says Eric. “We will serve it with home-made ketchup from yellow tomatoes, sweet sour cucumber, green tomato and basil mayonnaise instead of the regular garnishes at a burger. The burger is being served on crispy bread of the “Vlaamsch Broodhuys”. The restaurant is serving a second dish as well at the festival, but that remains a secret!

Why a foodtruck festival?

It will be the first time ‘t Vlasbloemeken will be at a food truck festival, something to look forward to for Eric: “We think this is a nice challenge for us to be there and try to make the event successful. It’s always good to present yourself as a local entrepreneur and to show your style of cooking in a different way.”

We are also very curious to experience the reactions of the festival visitors, probably they will be surprised to see the restaurant at the festival. Eric think this is something positive: “I think that the guests nowadays is changing. They want to try different products and dishes. They want to see what we are capable of. And actually, this is contradiction: a Michelin starred kitchen with a food truck. But it’s fun and that is why we want to be at the festival!”

The Culitruck Festival

The festival takes place on the 28th and 29th of May at the ‘Oranje Bolwerk’ in Hust. This Oranje Bolwerk will be one big outdoor restaurant for two days, where you can eat, drink, enjoy music and relax with your friends. Or – if you fancy – you can learn more about food and everything related to it.

’T Vlasbloemeken

‘T Vlasbloemeken has been rewarded with one Michelin star in 2011. Eric and Bianca van Bochove are the proud owners of the restaurant since 2005. The restaurant is situated in Koewacht, a village which is on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands.

Website: 't Vlasbloemeken

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