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In Las Vegas, the city of dazzling led illuminations and casinos, is a small dessertbar called ‘Sweets Raku’ located. This dessert bar is a world full of sugars and sweets. Chef Mio Ogasawara has chosen to adapt Japanese sweet desserts to suit the American palate instead of serving tasty savory Japanese dishes. The bar is a cozy sidekick of the popular Japanese restaurant Raku. Three reasons why you should go if you visit Las Vegas!

A must for dessert lovers | Sweets Raku

One: interior. The moment you enter the minimalistic bar, the aroma of sweetness invites you. In the entry you can have a look at the wine cellar, from there you’ll enter the bar with a clean white open kitchen. At the bar you can watch the chefs make those gorgeous looking desserts.

Two: taste. Your second pleasure will be the texture of fluffiness and freshness of their desserts. The chefs of Sweets Raku claim that you’ll want more once you tasted one of the desserts! The desserts are 100% handmade and they only use pure ingredients and seasonal fruits.

Three: sight. The third pleasure is the sense of sight. It’s a true pleasure to watch the chefs create the desserts. Kind of like an artist drawing a beautiful painting and proudly presenting it, real pastry entertainment.


A separate dessert bar next to your company is a great idea, first it highlights your pastry chef and his or hers skills to make the most delicious desserts. In addition, it can also attract guests on its own and it might ensure a better flow in your main restaurant if you have multiple seats.

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Website: Sweets Raku

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