Sustainable wine cooler made of sheepskin


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KYWIE (K-eep Y-our W-ool-IE), sheepskin keeps your bottle trendy cool. The isolating fleece on the inside keeps the temperature fixed from the moment you place the bottle in a KYWIE wine cooler. A sustainable wine cooler that cools effectively and does not feel cold.

Sustainable wine cooler

Made of sheepskin this cooler also keeps a red wine at the right temperature when it’s cold outside. A thermos and a cooler in one because wool keeps warm and cool. Natural material and therefore durable, no condensation, it does not break, weighs almost nothing and is traditionally produced in the Netherlands. In short, an authentic and sustainable cooler. The wine cooler is available in different colours (camel, blue and white) and as a champagne cooler and cup holder as well.

Restaurant ‘T Amsterdammertje uses KYWIE

Chef – owner André Gerrits of restaurant ‘t Amsterdammertje in Loenen aan de Vecht (The Netherlands): “We have the KYWIE wine coolers in operation for the last 6 months now, recently, with ‘t Amsterdammertje logo. Guests respond very positively to it and it’s nice as branding for us. The wool suggests otherwise, but the coolers are also very suitable for our summer terrace. We are very happy with them”.

Website: KYWIE

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