SUSHISAMBA celebrates International Sushi Day | With FIFA World Cup sushi


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In honor of International Sushi Day and in line with the FIFA World Cup, the chefs of SUSHISAMBA have created a delicious Game Sushi Roll. Made from carefully chosen ingredients such as tuna, salmon, yellowtail snapper, shrimp and omakase toppings. The Game Sushi Roll is only served today, Monday, June 18 from 11.30 to 00.30. Nice way to respond to the International Sushi Day and the World Cup. We would put this Game Sushi Roll on the map for the entire championship!

International Sushi Day | Game Sushi Roll at SUSHISAMBA Amsterdam

We recently wrote about the World Gin Day and in America there are many ‘World or International Days’, check this list. It’s also the ‘International Go Picnic Day’ and the ‘International Go Fishing Day’!    More information about International Sushi Day can be found here. Although we would like express that we hope that we won’t adapt all ‘International or World Days’ they’re celebrating in the USA, we enjoy the way in which SUSHISAMBA responds to it. Only we would have had the Game Sushi Roll on the menu during the whole World Cup!

This special sushi dish is served alongside the SUSHISAMBA a la carte menu with signature SUSHISAMBA sushi dishes such as the Samba Amsterdam Roll (made from tuna, salmon, yellow tailed snapper, white fish, cucumber, avocado, red onion, sweet potato, roasted corn and Peruvian ceviche ), the El Topo® (made from salmon, jalapeno pepper, shiso leaf, freshly melted mozzarella, crispy onion and the Ezo, (a soy marinated salmon with asparagus, onion, chives, sesame, tempura crunch, soy paper and wasabi mayonnaise). To book you can mail the restaurant via  or call (020) 797 1530.


SUSHISAMBA delivers a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine, culture, music and striking design. The menus are a thrilling mix of new and signature dishes with an emphasis on piquant flavors, the finest ingredients and artful presentations. Complementing the cuisine, the location offers specialty cocktails, Japanese whisky and sake and a large selection of wine and Champagne. The restaurant is operated by Orange Brands Management, which in addition to Amsterdam oversees SUSHISAMBA locations in Las Vegas, London and Miami as well as Duck & Waffle and Duck & Waffle Local in London.


Website: SUSHISAMBA Amsterdam

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