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Fletcher Hotels foresees a great and therefore extremely busy year in 2022 and reserves 3.5 million as bonus for its hotel staff. “Both the spring and summer period will be very busy in the hotels and restaurants. It is important that we retain our people. Therefore, everyone who is employed after the summer will receive a summer bonus”. In addition, with their internal temping agency, the so-called FletcherGIG, they are committed to retaining staff by paying them more and offering them greater flexibility.

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Spring and summer are going to be busy in the hotels

Over the past two years, Fletcher Hotels has seen short breaks in their own country become even more popular. In 2020 and 2021, the number of short breaks in the Netherlands broke all records. This year, too, Fletcher Hotels expects this trend to continue. In addition, it is expected that spring will be very busy because the hotels and restaurants will be open without restrictions for the first time in two years. Expectations are particularly high for Easter, Whit Sunday and Monday (celebrated in the Netherlands) and the May holiday. Pre-Corona, these are the days par excellence for a short holiday in the Netherlands and Fletcher Hotels used to achieve 100% occupancy rates.

Fletcher Hotels has also noticed that the high season, July and August, has been better than pre-corona in the past two years. Dutch people have spent their holidays in the Netherlands more often in the past 2 years and have rediscovered their own country as a result. “We expect this trend to continue this year as well. The Dutch have experienced how beautiful The Netherlands are and will therefore spend their holidays in their own country more often”, says Rob Hermans – CEO Fletcher Hotels.

Summer bonus for the staff | 3.5 million euros set aside

The hospitality industry in particular is facing a tight labor market. Fletcher Hotels is doing its utmost to ensure that sufficient staff members opt for a job at Fletcher. For example, salaries have been increased and everyone employed at one of the 110 hotels after the summer will receive a summer bonus. “Everyone in the hotels is eligible for that bonus of up to EUR 750. It is very important to us that we bind our employees to us, so that they stay in our service for a longer period of time. The current employees have responded very enthusiastically to this bonus,” says Rob Hermans. With 110 hotels and almost 5000 employees in the hotels, the expectation is that Fletcher Hotels will be paying out around EUR 3.5 million in summer bonuses to its employees after the summer.

More flexibility and more salary with FletcherGIG

Fletcher Hotels has also launched the so-called FletcherGIG, its internal employment agency. Through the FletcherGIG, employees can choose which hotels they wish to work in and when. Fletcher employees who sign up for this are automatically offered services for which they qualify. They can accept the services via this app. Fletcher employees who complete services via the FletcherGIG app are paid 10% extra. In addition, people can also apply and be employed by this Fletcher employment agency. Fletcher also pays these people well above the collective agreement. “We see that employees in the hospitality industry like to be flexible in the number of hours, activities and location where they want to work. With this internal employment agency we offer maximum flexibility to our employees and everyone has the freedom in the number of hours they want to work” says Rob Hermans.

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