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The Storage Stool, a chair with a compartment for storing your bags or jackets. You have high stools, low stools, bar stools, saddle stools, moveable stools and even bar stools with a backrest. But you can’t store anything in these chairs, Jeroen Speksnijder, owner of interior shop Spoor 38, decided to design one with a storage unit. The result is the Storage Stool, a timeless, robust wooden chair with a metal storage frame. Underneath the seat hangs a metal, extendable basket in which you can store your items, for example, your iPad, computer or handbag, always safe and nearby.

Smart storage chair

Jeroen Speksnijders fascination for special furniture resulted in a completely new type of chair: a stool with a storage function. Speksnijder: “Customers regularly asked me whether it was possible to mount a hook on a chair to hang a jacket or bag. However, with these hooks, everyone can enter your bag or take your jacket. I thought that there should be a better solution for that. After some research, I finally found out that these storage stools didn’t exist yet, so I started sketching one. ”


The Storage Stool is a handmade chair in a timeless design. The stool is available in grey, but can also be ordered in any RAL colour. In addition, the Storage Stool is available in three different heights. The chairs can be used as table chair, a chair to sit at your cooking island and a higher version to use in the hospitality industry. The frame is made of rustic metal, the seat and backrest are made of wood, available in three different types of plywood. The stool can therefore be assembled as desired in appearance and design and fits in any interior.

Spoor 38

Spoor 38’ specializes in original industrial and vintage furniture. In his quest for special pieces, owner Jeroen Speksnijder travels the world. Spoor 38 is therefore a special store where you can really find everything from weathered lockers to French folding chairs and metal side tables to authentic movie lights.

Bron: Spoor 38

Website: Storage Stools

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