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  • Flight of coffeeThe Roastery Starbucks
  • Flight of coffeeThe Roastery Starbucks
  • Flight of coffeeThe Roastery Starbucks

Starbucks unveiled Cold-Pressed Espresso this September, a new patent-pending cold extraction process that will serve as the foundation for a new menu of sparkling beverages that will debut at the company’s premium, Starbucks Reserve® Roastery in Seattle. They even serve a cold-pressed Americano exploration flight, a great idea to get people to taste the cold-brew coffees. We spotted the first cold brew coffee in 2014 and since it’s growing extensionally but is still rather unknown to  most of us. Great way to get familiar via a cold-pressed Americano exploration flight.

Cold-pressed Americano exploration flight

The Cold-Pressed Espresso menu is available for a limited time at The Roastery with three new sparkling espresso offerings, made with Microblend No. 11. from Starbucks Reserve®.  Customers can try three different takes on a classic with a flight of Iced Americano beverages: two made with cold-pressed espresso (one sparkling and one still) alongside a traditional Iced Americano made with hot extracted espresso shots. They can even try a Sparkling Cold-Pressed Americano: a modern twist on the iced classic includes ice-cold sparkling water, topped with shots of cold-pressed espresso. And also new on the menu: Cold-pressed ginger fizz: ginger ale with a splash of whiskey barrel-aged vanilla syrup, a dash of grapefruit bitters, topped with cold-pressed espresso. Especially the last one is tempting, don’t you think?

Cold-pressed espresso

Starbucks has created a new way to brew that borrows the best from both worlds with its new cold-pressed espresso menu available only at the Roastery. The new patent-pending technology uses cold water and intense pressure to unlock the softer, sweeter coffee experience of slow-steeped cold brew but as a concentrated shot of espresso. Designed by Starbucks Research and Development team: the new patent-pending Aqua Tamp Technology™ uses an ascending flow filtration system that is pressurized by cold water. “Instead of 20 hours of slow-steeping, our process takes about an hour,” said Kieran Murphy, Technical Manager, Process Engineering, R&D. “What we produce is a highly concentrated extract compared to what a traditional cold brew gives us. The extra strength is unique, and allows us to create beverages with more flexibility to experiment in new cold beverage territories.”

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