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EVEN® Hotels, the new hotel brand of Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) are focusing on guests who would like to stay active, healthy and well-rested during their holiday or business trip. This philosophy is visible throughout the entire hotel. There is healty food, you can exercise wherever and whenever you want and your entire hotel room is designed to give you the rest you need. Not hospitality but sportspitality.

EVEN® Hotels

Last Monday we posted an article about the new fitness hotelrooms at Hilton Hotels. Hilton already has installed several ‘Five Feet to Fitness’ in some of their hotels. Easy for guests who would like to exercise without having to visit the gym.

EVEN® Hotels goes beyond this idea. The hotels of this new hotel brand are completely dedicated to wellness and health. Currently there are six hotels who meet the needs and wants of the fast growing ‘welness-minded’ travelers. The brand focusses on four core components: Eat Well, Rest Easy, Stay Active en Accomplish More.

To stay fit during your stay you can go to the hotel’s big Athletic Studio’s. Here you can exercise as much as you want. If you want, you can exercise in your hotel room as well where you will find a In-Room Training Zone. Several equipment is available for you to help you to do your daily exercise. If you are more the person that likes to run outside, you can have a morning run with the Chief Wellness Officer.

After this morning run you can go directly to The Cork & Kale Market and Bar, the hotel’s F&B concept. You can have for instance a bowl of yoghurt with fruits and homemade granola and a glass of freshly pressed orange juice. The eucalyptus fiber linens offers you a cooler sleep. Furthermore, in the bathroom you will find naturally derived bath products that will keep you well-rested.

The Netherlands

Currently the hotel has six establishments in the United States, there are plans to open hotels in Australia and New-Zealand. It’s still unknown if the EVEN® Hotels and one of the rooms at Hilton will be presented to the Netherlands.

Website: EVEN Hotels

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