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The team behind the Ming Fat House of Jonathan Bui has created a speakeasy whisky bar in the business district of Hong Kong. They used local architect Nelson Chow Chi-Wai, to create the bar based on the story of a wealthy English adventurer, Frank Minza, who is the illegitimate son of an entrepreneur from Hong Kong’s Colonial days. He travelled the world in search of adventure and all things beautiful. However, what he never captured was the heart of his beloved, so he created Foxglove, named after his lost lover’s favourite flower, to win her back. That’s the storytelling around the speakeasy Foxglove in Hong Kong. It’s the second speakeasy of Ming Fat house in Hong Kong, the first is Mrs. Pound, a restaurant hidden behind a Chinese stamp shop! The story behind Mrs. Pound; she was a burlesque dancer who fell in love with a Chinese stamp shop owner.

Speakeasy Foxglove

The whiskey bar Foxglove, at the Printing House on Duddell Street, is the second speakeasy of Jonathan Bui, Eric Lam and Shakib Pasha. Foxglove is an elegant umbrella shop, selling hand-made and special designed umbrella’s. According to Celia Hu from ‘A foody place’ you have to walk through the alcove and press down a ‘certain’ umbrella to open a sliding door. Once you’re inside you will enter a luxurious world where you can sip whisky’s, classic cocktails and enjoy live jazz!  Foxglove is named after a flower. At its natural state, the foxglove flower is potently lethal, but if used carefully, could also treat ailments of the heart. There is a main lounge, which comfortably seats 80 guests. They serve classic bar snacks like fish and chips, lobster rolls, Caviar, ceviche, French onion soup, Boston lobster (or Boston lobster risotto) and a refined dinner menu. They also have a lot of live music events.

Mrs. Pound

Ming Fat House first opened Mrs. Pound a couple of years ago, which is located in Sheung Wan, and as told, you can enter here through a Chinese stamp shop. In an interview owner Jonathan Bui said that the hidden entrance and the secrecy works great in Hong Kong! Check out a YouTube video of Mrs. Pound here.

Website: Foxglove , Mrs. Pound

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