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  • Sparkling Juicy Tea by Privatkelterei van NahmenSparkling Juicy Tea by Privatkelterei van Nahmen
  • Sparkling Juicy Tea - Rose - Darjeeling - Rhubarb and Verveine - Jasmine - RieslingSparkling Juicy Tea - Rose - Darjeeling - Rhubarb and Verveine - Jasmine - Riesling
  • Sparkling Juicy Tea - White Tea - Tahiti Vanilla - QuinceSparkling Juicy Tea - White Tea - Tahiti Vanilla - Quince

The family business Privatkelterei Van Nahmen has been around since 1917 and started producing apple syrup. Since the 1930s, they started specialising in fruit juices also. Current owner Peter van Nahmen combines sustainability and tradition with innovation. Resulting, among other things, in ‘Sparkling Juicy Tea’. Three unique products have emerged from a collaboration with tea sommeliers, including Niklas Schmeink (Tea Master Gold): unique blends of cold brew tea and fruit juice. A beautiful, ecological and vegan alternative for those who have to drive everybody home or those who don’t drink alcohol!

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Juice loves tea

Besides bottling fruit juices, their core business, Privatkelterei van Nahmen also produces a collection of Sparkling Juicy Tea. These sparkling teas are praised by top chefs, who use them to offer surprising non-alcoholic flavour combinations. Thanks to the combination of van Nahmen’s full single variety juices with selected notes of teas, the 3 flavours of the golden Sparkling Juicy Tea offer a unique taste experience, rich in intensity and complexity: a bouquet of dark fruits and spicy hints, an interplay of tart fruit notes and delicate bitterness, aromas of quince, jasmine, verbena, sweet vanilla… Juice loves tea!

The flavours of Privatkelterei’s Sparkling Juicy Tea

They already had the flavours: Rose – Darjeeling – Rhubarb and Verveine – Jasmine – Riesling and they recently added the new flavour White Tea – Tahiti Vanilla – Quince (Organic).

The latter uses the traditional white tea Pai Mu Tan with its open large leaf character. The idea of blending a tea cold brew of this tea with quince juice was born from a multi-year collaboration with tea sommelier Niklas Schmeink. Niklas has been one of the global tea sommeliers at the TeaMaster Gold level since 2018 and advises hotels of the highest level in making their tea selections. According to Niklas Schmeink, white tea is the “queen among tea flavours”, and for Peter van Nahmen, owner of Privatkelterei Van Nahmen, quince juice is the “queen among fruit flavours”. Sounds like a tasty combination right?

The Vinites website lists the entire range that Vinites imports as Van Nahmen’s partner. check out more alcohol-free alternatives on our website.

Website: Privatkelterei van Nahmen

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