Spacious uses empty restaurants as temporary office spaces


Spacious, a startup cofounded by Preston Pesek and Chris Smothers to make use of empty restaurants by offering them up to freelancers and others without an office as an alternative to crowded coffee shops. Recently started in New York City.

At Spacious it’s possible to

MEET – Host meetings in well-appointed social space. Make a great impression with clients, colleagues, and friends.
WORK – Walk in, take a seat, and start working. Speedy wifi and work-friendly music lets you stay connected and productive.
RECHARGE – Plenty of outlets for your devices. Free coffee, water, and snacks for you and your guests.

At this moment there are 3 New York restaurants cooperating: DBGB Kitchen & Bar, L’Apicio and PUBLIC.

How to use Spacious

Walk in and upon arrival you enter your mobile number at the iPad kiosk, tell the hosts if you’re expecting any guests, so that they will be greeted upon arrival. There will be text instructions for wifi access. You make yourself at home at any open seat. There will be free coffee, tea and refreshments. Of course you can come and go as you please throughout the day. By the end of the day, you will receive a text message when there’s a last call for coffee and you have to leave at least an hour before the restaurant opens. But you’re free to order from the menu or it’s an easy access to the bar for happy hour.


It looks a bit like the Dutch initiative Seats2meet where you can work and get free wifi, coffee, tea and lunch. Their business model is renting meeting rooms: premium spots for flexible workers who want a little more quiet, and meeting rooms for groups.

We also wrote about the AntiCafé in Paris. At this place you pay for the time you spend there and have free wifi, coffee, tea, snacks and fruit.

Both Spacious as the AntiCafé are great to use examples for Dutch restaurant or café owners.

Bron: Businessinsider

Website: Spacious

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