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Places where you like to go and share in private with friends, family and acquaintances. In the past year, 120,000 of these kind of unique ‘soulpicks’ were recorded and shared in the Soulpicks app by users and the experts associated with Soulpicks. Of all favorite places, restaurants are the most shared, but also wine and cocktail bars and cafe’s throughout the world are well represented in the app. More than 7,800 favorite places have already been added in Japan, more than 31,000 in the USA and more than 16,000 in the United Kingdom and France. The milestone is an important step towards the position of Soulpicks as a ‘go to app’ for the implementation of your leisure time, wherever you are in the world.

Soulpicks app | from launch a year ago to now

In the Soulpicks app, launched a year ago by entrepreneur and co-founder of SnappCar, Pascal Ontijd, you can save and share your favorite places within a closed circle of friends and acquaintances. In addition, you can follow a number of national and international experts in the field of ‘travel’, ‘lifestyle’, ‘food’ or ‘leisure’ who have personally linked themselves to Soulpicks and share their favorite places with their followers. In a year, over 120,000 unique places have been added by the users and experts in the Soulpicks app, more than half of which are outside the Netherlands. After the Netherlands (55,000 places), the best represented countries in Soulpicks are successively the United States (more than 31,000 places), France (more than 16,000 places), the United Kingdom (more than 16,000 places) and Spain (more than 14,000 places).

Pacal Ontijd: “Our active community, the many experts and collaborations with specific parties, such as the largest restaurant reviewer in the UK, Andy Hayle, have contributed to the realization of this milestone. And that is necessary, because only with worldwide, qualitative coverage will  Soulpicks become the ‘go to app’ for the implementation of your free time, anywhere in the world.”

Parks, museums and galleries

Restaurants, wine- and cocktail bars and coffee shops are most commonly recorded and shared as ‘Soulpicks’, but other types of favorite places where you can spend your free time can also be found in Soulpicks. From parks and squares to museums, galleries and music stores. In Amsterdam, by far the most places have been recorded, but also in world cities such as London (more than 4900), Paris (4700) and New York (4400), thousands of places have been recorded.

Fewer places, better match

Unlike other apps in the review economy, as a Soulpicks user you will find an average of 20 ‘soulpicks’ per city in the Soulpicks app: your own favorite places and those of the people you follow. And that is precisely the power of Soulpicks, says Pascal Ontijd: “As far as we are concerned, it’s all about quality rather than quantity. For storing and sharing only those places that match your personal interests. You do that with acquaintances, friends or your favorite experts. It is precisely this limited selection that makes it possible to quickly make a choice that almost always works out well. ”

The Soulpicks app can be downloaded for free from the App store and the Google Play Store.


Website: Soulpicks app

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