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Last month we wrote about the Christmas ornaments from The Lakes Distillery. They give the Christmas tree an alcoholic touch with Whiskey Christmas ornaments, or Christmas ornaments filled with The Lakes Vodka or The Lakes Gin. We already suggested that it is quite a nice idea to serve a cocktail in a Christmas ornament. Last weekend I had my first ‘Christmas dinner’ with friends and based on the Christmas ornaments from The Lakes Distillery, I also filled a small Christmas ornament with a Christmas cocktail, wrapped it in a gift box and served with the starter. Simple and tasty!

Serve a cocktail in a Christmas ornament

You can of course also serve the Christmas ornament in a cocktail glass so that it can be poured over, but I thought it would be nice to serve it in a gift box, surprise! I bought 10 glass Christmas ornaments and a few small gift boxes. I used a Christmas cocktail recipe from Yvette van Boven, published in the Dutch Delicious magazine of December. With pine syrup, Campari, red Vermouth and gin, a bit bitter which you have to love but it tasted delicious with a sprout stuffed with eel mousse and a fried quail egg on pieces of smoked eel. Thanks for the inspiration to the best restaurant in the Netherlands, De Librije, where we had a great dinner last month! ^ Marjolein

Website: Inspiration from Marjolein van Spronsen

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