SMUUS | Smoothies for bread


Negin Pakravesh, the founder of SMUUS, created ‘Der Smoothie fürs Brot’, a fruit-based spread. The German SMUUS brands itself as a producer of ‘smoothies for bread’. The wide variety of spreads can be used on your burger instead of ketchup, to make salad dressings, as dip, to create cocktails, add to your yoghurt or as ice cream topping. We particularly would like to taste the special flavour combinations!  

SMUUS | Flavours

SMUUS comes in six flavor combinations. Each creation consists of fruit, vegetable and spice combinations like pineapple/cucumber pickles/mint, mango/carrot/melissa, cherry/peppers/chili, strawberries/tomato’s/ginger, raspberries/beets/vanilla and blueberries/rhubarb/lemongrass.


SMUUS is produced in Hamburg, Germany and they have an online shop. Check out their Instagram for their funny (ad) posts to the president of the USA.

Well as long it isn’t sold in the Netherlands, we might try to buy it online or when we’re on holiday in Germany.

Website: SMUUS

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