Smart beer tap | Serves a perfect beer with one single touch and improves efficiency


Pubinno is a fast-growing technology startup developing Taptronics, world’s first plug&play, smart beer tap that serves a perfect beer. Taptronics combines robotics, data analytics and sensor fusion to increase keg efficiency up to 20%. It can serve any type of beer at the ideal temperature with the optimal amount of foam.

Smart beer tap

The Taptronics from Pubinno serves the perfect beer, for every single pint, with a single touch. It also provides up to 20% savings to restaurants and bars by eliminating waste & fraud. Taptronics™ smart flow algorithm uses parameters and patented robotics to guarantee the best drinking experience with precise portions.

Guaranteed perfectly poured pints for your customers, less waste and an insight in real time sales, inventory and quality data which ensures standardization across sales outlets. Will this be the future of the draft beer systems in bars?

Website: pubinno

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