Small gestures of hospitality from The Yeatman hotel


  • Indoor PoolIndoor Pool
  • Vat staircase at the Vinotherapie Caudalie SpaVat staircase at the Vinotherapie Caudalie Spa
  • BreakfastBreakfast
  • Wine TastingWine Tasting
  • View over Porto from terrace on floor 4View over Porto from terrace on floor 4
  • Air balloon liftAir balloon lift
  • Port cellar elevatorPort cellar elevator
  • Duoro river elevatorDuoro river elevator

The best city hotel we have had the pleasure to visit! The World Heritage city of Porto has an iconic hotel, The Yeatman. With a breath-taking position overlooking the Douro River and the historic city centre, The Yeatman offers a great place to stay with stunning panoramic views from the terraces, the indoor and exterior pool (in the shape of a port bottle), the rooms and restaurants. Some of the small gestures of hospitality from The Yeatman, the naming of the rooms, the design elements, the housekeeping & maintenance and of course the friendly approach from all the staff.

Small gestures of hospitality and spectacular elevators

The way The Yeatman is built with stunning views at the Douro River and the historic city centre of Porto, can’t be called a small gesture, it’s a brilliant design. At their Instagram many great pics from the stunning views. The fact that some rooms are called after all the Port companies in town, with bottles in the room and books about the port wine, Portugal and the region, are great small gestures. As are the amenities with grapes as ingredient. Stair in the spa, build in a big port barrel, is a great small design element as are all the elevators. You will either enter a port cellar elevator, or enjoy the panoramic views of the Douro river in the elevator or step in an almost real hot air balloon… Check out the pictures above. Most of all, we really enjoyed the staff, always friendly but most impressive always proud talking about Porto and Portugal. In the 1 Michelin starred Restaurant under the direction of Chef Ricardo Costa, the sommelier proudly serves Portuguese wines. It’s special to experience how proud the Portuguese people are about their country, also outside this hotel.

Housekeeping and maintenance as gesture of hospitality

Housekeeping and maintenance is one of the most impressive gestures of hospitality, a hotel can make. At The Yeatman, each floor has its own theme. So if you’re staying a couple of days, enjoy a stroll through the history of Porto on one floor, art and the history of Port at other floors and a corner of the football club of Porto. Most important? Everything is clean, without a spot. Every light is on, no damage on the walls, clean carpets, everything in great shape. We stayed for four days and never even spotted a room service tray outside a room. Big compliments to housekeeping and maintenance! They’re doing a great job. It’s kind of rare even in the top hotels that every space that guests will visit,  is in top shape. Although it’s a very important basic gestures of hospitality to have your hotel tip top.  ^Marjolein

Website: Yeatman Hotel

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