Slow Food Pizza | The DoughDici™ Experience


The DoughDici™ Experience by Sofia Pizza Shoppe in NYC is a limited-edition pan pizza (for 2 people) designed to offer a unique experience to passionate pizza connoisseurs. While maintaining the simplicity of a classic pie, the DoughDici™ dough is tended for a full 12 hours before topping it with the finest, freshest ingredients. A slow food pizza! A spot worth visiting for the die-hard pizza fans going to New York City!

The DoughDici™ Experience includes:

This experience give you the opportunity to try slow food pizza dough! Creators and pizza adicionados Matthew Porter and Tom DeGrezia opened their Sofia Pizza Shoppe in 2016 and are serving all their pizza’s with the finest quality ingredients without added sugar in the sauces or dough. The DoughDici is a two-inch-tall, puffy-crust pizza with a crisp edge topped with red sauce, fresh mozzarella and a 36-month red cow Parmigiano-Reggiano that gets shaved on top right before serving. They cold-fermented the dough for about three days before letting it rise in an oil-lined pan with grated cheese for 12 hours. Pizza obsessives may liken it to a soufflé for its dough, which traps air to form an elevated structure. The crust is made from imported flours and imported, unfiltered, organic olive oil.

The DoughDici Experience will cost you $ 38,= and it has to be reserved online. Included are two reserved seats for a 45 minute seating, in the (very small) storefront of the Sofia Pizza Shoppe on First Avenue in NYC. And that’s special as there are only four stools total in the entire shoppe.

Another pizza to add to our article about 10 times pizza inspiration!

Bron: NY Times

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