Skirt Steak


More and more famous chefs are praising the Skirt steak in various videos shared on the internet lately. A good reason for us to write an article about it so Dutch chefs can use this as inspiration. Even  Gordon Ramsey came up with his yummy Skirt steak recipe with chimichurri. Below a short summary about the Skirt steak itself, Gordon Ramsey’s recipe and all the necessary ingredients.

Kitchen trends

The Skirt steak is a bar of meat on the inside of a beef cavity. It has a rough texture and is firmly marbled with fat. The meat was mostly used as soup- and minced meat. Today, due to the highly improved manure methods and the quality of meat cattle, the meat is often used for steaks. The meat is very soft and has a beautiful, coarse structure, a very distinctive taste experience.

Skirt steak with chimichurri by Gordon Ramsay

To make this steak you’ll need a big piece Skirt steak, olive oil, 2 tablespoons of Espelette pepper, pepper and salt to your liking. After marinating, bake the steak on the grill, each side for two minutes. Grill the steak at room temperature and allow it to rest after grilling. The chimichurri must be made in the mortar and pestle; start with half a bulb of garlic, add some salt and a little bit of sugar, then grind everything. Add the herbs; one tablespoon of fresh oregano, 40 grams of fresh dill, 40 grams of mint, some coriander and 225 grams of parsley. Then add some sea salt and some peel of halve a lemon and then squeeze out the juice. Mix everything again with the mortar and pestle and add 120ml of olive oil. Stir everything again and your chimichurri is ready.

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