Ski slope at the Christmas fair


At Potsdamer Platz in Berlin a ‘Winter’ fair has already opened with a ski slope! Something different than the ‘standard’ skating rink!

Every year more cities are hosting an authentic ‘Christmas or Holiday’ fair at the end of the year. The most beautiful locations for Christmas fairs in the Netherlands are in the South of Limburg (Valkenburg), but also in Leiden where the Christmas fair is located on water… Both with skating rinks, an addition to the winter fun at Christmas fairs.

Dry Ski slope at the Christmas market instead of an ice rink

Last week I spent a couple of days in Berlin were we visited the ‘Winter’ fair at the Potsdamer Platz. They don’t have a skating rink (yet), but one can glide down a ski slope on tires. It is a dry ski slope with some fake snow from which one can glide on snow tires.

In my perception a dry ski slope is much more sustainable than an ice rink! Furthermore, winters are rare therefore children can’t learn how to skate on natural ice, so the group that knows how to skate is getting smaller. ‘Rutschen’ from a slope on a snow tire is a lot easier! ^ Marjolein

If you are looking for more inspiration, check out other Christmas markets all over the world. Fodors collected 10 holiday markets in this article.



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