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On the 27th, 28th and the 29th of January a team of 60 men and women with disabilities provided the guests of the King’s Inn City Hotel in Alkmaar in the Netherlands a warm welcome. Under the guidance of the foundation Showhero and the regular staff of the hotel, the participants took care of all the tasks in the hotel and provided a good dose of entertainment.

Showhero Hotel | A feast of 3 days at the King’s Inn City Hotel

For three days the King’s Inn City Hotel in the heart of Alkmaar was dedicated to people with disabilities. The temporary hotel staff worked at the reception, served the most delicious dishes, worked at room service and cleaned hotel rooms.

In the pub of the Hotel Show Hero it was all about fun and entertainment. The pub was the platform for all musicians, local artists and bands. With performances from Alfon Oekie, Sweet Le Freak and Bernard Karsten. In the hotel rooms the visitors enjoyed the enthusiastic and creative staff: they listened to the stories of Annemiek in Annemiek’s Stories Room, sang lustily with tearjerkers in Eric Stam café or joined one of the many workshops.

Foundation Show Hero

The founders of Foundation Showhero are Maurice van der Poll (28) and Luke Bugter (28), two friends from the vicinity of Alkmaar. Showhero Foundation sees talent in each individual. With an enthusiastic group of volunteers the foundation organizes activities for people with intellectual and/or physical disability during the year. The participants are in the spotlight at every activity, they are the stars and everybody is a winner.

Website: Show Hero

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