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Every third Thursday of the month, top bartender Tess Posthumus organizes the event ‘ShakingSupper in collaboration with chef Joey de Vries. It is a special edition of the Cocktail Nights at Supperclub Amsterdam where Tess and Joey join hands for a special cocktail and food pairing. The evenings consist out of a five-course dinner or small bites, matching with surprising cocktails and music by Sheila Hill and Wife Beaters.

Tess Posthumus

Tess Posthumus knows how to make beautiful compositions in cocktails and is therefore called the ‘Queen of bartending’. She already has several nominations and awards such as ‘The Global Finals of The Disaronno Mixing Star’ and ‘Best Bartender of Venuez Hospitality & Style Awards’. Tess did create the cocktail evenings and the ShakingSupper on Thursdays and beside that also created an exclusive cocktail menu for the Supperclub Amsterdam. In this cocktail menu, she used bold flavour combinations, special spirits and aromatic ingredients.

Supperclub Amsterdam

Supperclub is a restaurant, cocktail bar, club and gallery in one. The concept is originally founded in the Netherlands, and became a global phenomenon in the last years. Supperclub is an experimental and creative platform where anything is possible: eat a five-course dinner while you are lying on an oversized bed, listen to music, dance and watch all kinds of art. Owner Bert van der Leden explains, “Every single visit to the Supperclub is a unique experience. Whether it’s the food, music, performances, art, music, personnel or guests themselves, at the Supperclub everything revolves around stimulating your senses and releasing your creativity.” Check the website of the Supperclub Amsterdam for an impression of the club.

Website: ShakingSupper

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