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Great news! The summer will arrive shortly and a milkshake bar in The Hague will open next Monday. The idea of drinking a milkshake on a sunny day doesn’t sound that bad, does it? During the opening on Monday free milkshake will be given away. Everyone is welcome at Shakespeare – The Milkshake Bar, located at the Bierkade in The Hague.


Earlier this year we wrote an article about freakshakes. The new milkshake trend and most likely to be appreciated by people who crave for sweet stuff. It looks like we can order these calorie bombs in The Hague now as well. If you happen to forgot what a freakshake was, it consists of a plain milkshake of choice (banana, chocolate, vanilla etc.) topped with whipped cream, a sauce of choice and decorated with sweets such as: cake, cookies, different kinds of fruits, candies and other sweet decorations.

If you get a freakshake during the opening on Monday will be a surprise. What we do know is that everyone walking in between 3pm – 6pm is being welcomed with a free milkshake! When giving away milkshakes is over the party will continue. In the bar, guests can order one of the milkshakes on the menu, but they can also choose to make their own milkshake. This can be done with different types of toppings like Ferrero Rocher, Oreo, Mars, Skittles, etc ..

Shakespeare – The Milkshake Bar

If you are interested in visiting Shakespeare, the milkshake bar is located at Spui 246 in The Hague. The opening is upcoming Monday between 3pm and 9pm.

Website: Shakespeare - The Milkshake Bar

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