Seaweed that tastes like fried bacon?


US researchers have discovered a strain of seaweed that tastes like fried bacon when fried. The seaweed not only tastes delicious but is also very nutritious.

The strain of seaweed ‘dulse’

The discovered ‘dulse’ is a red algae that can be found along the coast of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and is often used in the Asian cuisine. This is due to its high protein content and ‘umami’ taste. ‘Dulse’ has been used in Europe as an ingredient for smoothies and as a dried product it is used in a dietary supplement. The smoky bacon flavour can only be brought out when it’s fried. The seaweed grows in offshore farms in an environmentally responsible manner. The ‘dulse’ grows in recycled water and it only needs a limited amount of sea water and sun.

Seaweed as a substitute for meat

This seaweed could be a replacement for meat in the future. Besides that, it also allows vegetarians to taste the smoky flavour of bacon, without actually eating meat. With the impressive nutritional values, ‘dulse’ will be seen as a superfood, even though we are getting a bit bored with the ‘superfood’ hype. Anyway whether we stigmatize it as a superfood or not, this seaweed is another possible alternative food source.


It might be a great idea for restaurants, especially those located at sea, to start experimenting with this ingredient. The Food Innovation Centre (FIC) is currently also experimenting with this product, along with two other parties. Their Agricultural Experiment Station is located in Portland, Oregon. Read more about this meat substitute here.

Bron: Inhabitat

Website: Oregon State

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