Screwpull accessories for the wine decanter


  • screwpull wijn beluchter

The manufacturer of high-quality wine accessories ‘Screwpull’ introduces a convenient aerator. The new gadget is a thoughtful aerator that you can place in every wine decanter. By pouring wine trough the aerator, the wine will optimal mix with oxygen. The aerator has spinning ridges, leading the wine alongside the carafe. Aerating the wine is done to release the hidden flavors in young wine and to round off any tannins in the wine. This makes the wine smoother and the taste more pleasant.  The aerator of Screwpull can be bought in different versions: in the materials pottery or metal and in the colors black, black-nickel and silver. Screwpull is part of the brand Le Creuset, the manufacturer of cast iron pans from northern France.

Other wine gadgets

Together with the aerator, Screwpull introduced stainless steel beads and a wine decanter as well. With the stainless steel beads you can easily clean the wine decanter by gently rotating them along the carafe together with water. The wine decanter has a cavity in the bottom which causes a better grip when pouring wine.

The products are sold in the better wine stores, cooking and household stores or through the website of Le Creuset.

Website: Le Creuset

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