#ScreenFreeSaturday by BOS ice tea | Less screens, more fun!


  • #ScreenFreeSaturday by BOS Ice Tea
  • #ScreenFreeSaturday by Bos IceTea#ScreenFreeSaturday by BOS Ice Tea

Our eyes move from the small devices in our hands, to computer screens on our desks and television screens on the wall. Of course, it is entertaining watching all the fun stuff on these devices. But what do we do with all the real things on this earth that we haven’t discovered yet? BOS, an ice tea brand that was originated in Cape Town, therefore organises #ScreenFreeSaturday. Unplug and enjoy!

RescueTime | An average of 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on our smartphones

Rescue Time, a mobile application which was specially assembled to track your screen time, has conducted a survey among 11.000 regular phone users and found out that the average screen time is about 3 hours and 15 minutes a day. Also, the ‘screen time’ function from apple says the average is screen time is 227 minutes a day.

Time to trade in screen time for real-life fun time! Or, as they say at BOS: GO FOR FUN! They hope that this small change motivates all of us to spend more time in the ‘real’ world. The goal is to stop being busy with checking others’ Instagram posts about others’ having fun, but instead go offline yourself and meet up with friends. #ScreenFreeSaturday is a reminder that there is lots of fun out there. We just have to unplug ourselves and look for it.

#ScreenFreeSaturday | An initiative that fits the BOS Lifestyle

Montse De Rojas, the global Marketing Director, thinks that this initiative perfectly fits the BOS brands’ lifestyle. “As a brand it is valuable to represent something. But we are more than just a brand. We are passionate, crazy about having fun, embrace-living-and-go-for-fun enthousiastics who started BOS with the one thing we love doing the most: being outside. We want to live up to our brand philosophy. And Saturday is the perfect day to put away my phone, put on the OOO and spend time with my friends and family. It is the perfect excuse tot to turn a relaxing lunch date with friends into 3-hour lasting paella-cook-off-smiling-with-your-head-down party which continues till long after sunset.”

About BOS ice tea

BOS is an ice tea-series that originates in Cape Town. The magic of the brand, rooibos, grows in the Cederberg region of South Africa, within a range of 100 km of pristine African desert. The Cederberg area is de only place in the world where the main ingredient of their ice teas, caffeine free rooibos, grows. Their biologic rooibos is handpicked and dried in the African sun. When you combine this with completely natural fruit flavours, the real taste of BOS comes alive.


Website: BOS Ice Tea

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