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  • SCRAEGG at Host Milano 2019
  • SCRAEGG preparation with steam
  • SCRAEGG Pro Unit with HOST Innovation Award

2018 was the starting point for SCRAEGG: Presented as ‘the fastest scrambled egg in the world’, the compact device with a steam nozzle quickly became centre of attention at trade fairs because using different flavors, a fluffy scrambled egg could be conjured up in seconds. Without a pan, without fat and without an unpleasant smell. Just one year on, SCRAEGG still supplies the world’s fastest scrambled eggs in a wide range of variations. But it also produces a tasty selection of other meals and snacks, such as quinoa cups, loose potato mash, soups, creamy porridges and even fine desserts and small cakes.

At the HOST international hospitality trade fair in Milan, Italy, SCRAEGG was recognized as the most groundbreaking innovation. The FCSI Start Me Up Innovation Award was awarded for the first time in 2019 by the Foodservice Consultants Society International and Electrolux Professional. The jury of experts honoured the SCRAEGG patented steam nozzle system, which prepares different meals in a matter of seconds.

SCRAEGG units for the out-of-home market

Today, SCRAEGG units with the steam nozzle (patent pending) can be found in 27 countries: They are used in bakeries, fitness studios, gas stations, offices and canteens, a London restaurant chain – and even on Royal Navy ship the “Queen Elizabeth”, where the crew are enjoying the many and various SCRAEGG dishes.

The business model is as sophisticated as it is versatile: the focus is on the device, the so-called ‘SCRAEGG unit’ for the out-of-home market. The company is also currently developing a smaller device for home use. A wide range of flavors provides variety for scrambled eggs – and the range of lunch cups, soups and sweet dishes is also constantly being expanded. Recyclable cups and forks, naturally branded, supplement the system for use in the catering trade or in the to-go area.

The start-up, founded by gastronome Florian Hofbauer and marketing expert Andreas Leonhard, now employs over 50 highly qualified staff. The purchase of a large site in an industrial park in Wiesloch near Heidelberg underscores the company’s clear commitment to Germany as a business location. A modern campus is being built there at the company’s headquarters, offering ideal working conditions and a creative environment for the ever-expanding team. At the same time, production, warehousing and logistics will also be able to grow in a sustainable manner.

Website: SCRAEGG

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