Scelta Taste Accelerator | Salt reduction up to 50%


Scelta Taste Accelerator is the natural flavor enhancer for all your savory dishes. It uses the powerful taste of umami and leads to a salt reduction up to 50%. It can be used in sauces, quiches, soups, dressings, pasta, broths and gravy. For a powerful effect you only need to use a little bit. The taste accelerator was one of the nominees for the 2016’s Food Valley Award and is now available for chefs.

Scelta Taste Accelerator | Rich in umami

The Japanese already know it for a long time and the western world also starts to adapt it more: besides sweet, sour, salty and bitter, people can also experience a fifth taste on their taste buds: umami. Umami can be translated as ‘graciousness’ in Japanese. It’s a savory flavor that harmonizes beautifully with the other flavors. It’s not a very expressive flavors just as the basic flavors, but umami balances and completes the total taste of a dish. Umami is caused by the presence of glutamate, an amino acid, and ribonucleotides, such as inosinate and guanylate. These substances occur in various foods, such as Parmesan cheese, olives, tomatoes and mushrooms.

More flavour, less salt

Umami flavorants have the ability to enhance the flavor of food and increase the perception of saltiness. That’s why flavorants that are rich in umami are able to compensate for the loss of flavor when the salt content is reduced. Scelta Taste Accelerator is a strong, natural alternative for flavor enhancers such as MSG (E621) and yeast extract, but also an ingredient for salt reduction.

Scelta Taste Accelerator is now also available for chefs

Their award-winning ingredient for salt reduction and natural flavor enhancement is also available at the Hanos. The product is already used by producers in multiple products at which salt reductions up to 50% are achieved without altering the flavor and function of salt. Scelta Mushrooms is also the company behind the Snex, a healthier snack in the snack assortment.

Website: Scelta Mushrooms

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