Salina Turda | From old saltmine into amusement park


Last month we wrote about the newest and biggest indoor park in the world which opened on the 31st of August in Dubai. Nowadays we have so many developments, it could happen that ‘elderly’ amusements park are overlooked. Recently we came up with Salina Turda, an amusements park opened in 1992 located in a historical salt mine in Romania. One of the oldest saltmines in the world includes a small amphitheatre, bowling courts, boats and even a ferris-wheel.

Salina Turda

The park is around 120 meters underground and is open all year. There is plenty to do, especially for children. The park is accessible through the old corridors or through the elevator shafts used over a century ago. What’s special about the Salina Turda is the fact the abandoned salt mine has been given a completely new destination. The park has even been mentioned in the 10 coolest underground spaces worldwide by Business Insider.

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