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Last month I visited Tribeca, not in New York but in a small town in the Netherlands, Heeze. At restaurant Tribeca (two Michelin stars) we ate a delicious, chefs version of Borsch, the famous Russian beetroot soup. It tasted so great that I went looking for a recipe and while searching at Google I found an article at The New Yorker about the opening of the first Teremok restaurants outside of Russia in New York City at Union Square and Chelsea. Is the Russian cuisine growing in popularity?

Teremok in New York

The Russian fast-food chain Teremok was founded in 1998 in Moscow by a mother and son (Mikhail Goncharov) team, serving home-cooked meals in a hospitable environment. They serve a modern take on traditional Russian food and non-traditional inspired family recipes, like bliny (small savoury and sweet filled pancakes), borsch, Buckwheat kasha, salmon chowder Uha, Vinegret salad, Syrniki (pan-fried fritters made from cottage cheese, flour, eggs and sugar), Kvass (a traditional Slavic drink brewed from flour and malt) and more. Teremok today has over 300 restaurants and has opened its first two restaurant in New York City.

Of course the New Yorkers already have The Russian Tea Room, on 57th Street, which has been founded in 1927, by members of the Russian Imperial Ballet. At their menu pricy ounces of caviar and Russian dumplings filled with foie gras. Not really fast casual like as Teremok. For those who would like more insight in Teremok and their Russian cuisine the article at The New Yorker is an interesting read.

Tribeca not in New York but in Heeze

Restaurant Tribeca in Heeze, the Netherlands, has two Michelin stars which is amazing, considering the recent opening in 2016. The chef Jan Sobecki got 2 Michelin stars working as chef at another restaurant and he kept those stars at Tribeca. Why he named the restaurant after Tribeca in New York? He said: “Tribeca is a neighbourhood in New York that is the gateway to the ‘Triangle Below Canal Street’. I’ve been in America for three years and really enjoyed that neighbourhood.”

I really enjoyed his vegetable menu although I am not a vegetarian. I loved his version of ‘bietjes’ (beetroot) borsch, that’s why I went looking for the recipe! ^Marjolein

Website: Teremok

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