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A one-day event in London, Running Pizza. A local running club, Run Dem Crew delivered pizzas from Sodo Sourdough Pizza Café. And the customers could watch the delivering in real-time via Periscope streams.

Running Pizza from Sodo Sourdough Pizza Café

Watch your pizza delivered in real-time, the future of deliverance? Well it could work, Sodo Sourdough Pizza Café with 3 branches in London, proved it with their ‘Running Pizza’. And they even added the runners to prove their environment-friendly approach in operating their company. They partnered up with advertising company TBWA London to create this one-day event; a new pizza delivery method. Runners from the Run Dem Crew, a local running club, delivered the pizza for free. You could even watch the runners in real-time via live Periscope streams and send messages with shortcuts….

Back in August 2015 Sodo trialled this healthy pizza delivery service all with the slogan, locally sourced ingredients, locally sourced runners, zero emissions and maximum taste. Sodo sold out of pizzas quickly and the proceeds of the event went to local charity. The video is released last February.

Live Periscope

We already wrote an article about how Periscope works and how Jonnie Boer, one of the two 3- Michelin starred chefs in the Netherlands, uses it.  The Periscope app is a tool that enables live citizen journalism within a few clicks on your mobile phone. Last summer you could virtually join Jonnie Boer in his daily activities via Periscope. Who is going to surprise next while using Periscope?

Website: Sodo Sourdough Pizza Café

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