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  • Rotor Blade furnitureRotor Blade furniture
  • Rotor Blade furnitureRotor Blade furniture
  • Rotor Blade furnitureRotor Blade furniture

Rotor blades from wind turbines must be replaced every twenty years. Their synthetic materials make them difficult to recycle. Until today they were shredded and burned. Now they’re made into unique furniture pieces by the German design studio Tarantik & Egger. Great Great objects for restaurants and hotels that are committed to sustainability.

Rotor Blade furniture by design studio Tarantik & Egger

The German design studio Tarantik & Egger developed a unique furniture series made out of parts of outworn wind turbine rotor blades. During the Milan design week (April 9–14) the series is presented for the first time in the venue Ventura Future, Via Bergognone, 34, 20144 Milano in Italy.

The following items are available: A conference table (sizes for six, eight, ten, or twelve people), a dining table, coffee table, shelf and stool.

The tables consist of a rotor blade base with a glass top, the stools of a rotor blade base with a soft leather cushion top. All colors from the RAL color palette are available.

About Tarantik & Egger

Tarantik & Egger is a German product development and communication studio. It was founded by Felix Tarantik and Toni Egger. For this project Tarantik & Egger partnered with the German electric utilities company RWE. Other examples of their work: a minimalistic out door shower, great for pool areas and a small ‘sauna village with infra-red sauna gondels’ near restaurant Lakeside in Zürichhorn

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