Ripple, plant-based milk | Will this change the dairy industry?


Ripple launched a new line of dairy products in April 2016 powered by $44 million from Google and Silicon Valley venture capitalists. But what is Ripple? Milk made from simple yellow peas. It’s a plant-based milk, high in protein, low in sugar. Ripple has a good taste (it has a creamy texture which is something other dairy free products are missing, according to the company), it nourishes your body and leaves a small footprint on the planet. Ripple milk is nut-, gluten-, lactose- and soy-free and 100% vegan. 

Ripple, plant-based milk

Ripple is made out of yellow peas, a vegetable that is inexpensive to grow and produces a clean taste. There are more pea milks on the market but the owners of Ripple succeeded in extracting the purest plant protein in the world, Ripptein. The drink has 8g of plant-based protein per serving. That’s the same as dairy milk and 8x more than other dairy alternatives. It also just has 1/2 the sugar of dairy milk and 15% less than other dairy alternatives. Besides that it’s very low in saturated fat and has the highest levels of calcium & vitamin D comparing to milk and other plant-based drinks.

At this moment five kinds of Ripple milk are on sale at places such as Whole Foods and Target Corp. stores. Amongst others original unsweetened milk, chocolate milk and vanilla milk. This winter, the brand will also offer a plant-based, Greek style yogurt.

Ripple and sustainability

Our source Bloomberg Pursuits interviews the duo behind Ripple, a great article in which they also give all the details of their sustainability. They started in 2014 with the goal to change the dairy industry. The impact of dairy to the world’s carbon emissions is massive and other plant-based drinks use more water than Ripple. The bottles are made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled material.

Website: Ripple milk

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