RIJKS® at Rijksmuseum


  • RIJKS - (c) Erik Smits(c) Erik Smits
  • RIJKS - (c) Erik Smits(c) Erik Smits
  • RIJKS ® Chefs. Vlnr.: Jos Timmer, Joris Bijdendijk en Wim de Beer. (credits: Erik Smits)RIJKS ® Chefs. Vlnr.: Jos Timmer, Joris Bijdendijk en Wim de Beer. (credits: Erik Smits)

On 1 November 2014, the RIJKS® restaurant of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam will open. The restaurant is located in the redesigned Philips wing, the final renovated wing of the museum. The restaurant will be open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, has 140 seats, a separate room for 36 guests and a terrace with 130 seats. There is a separate entrance to the restaurant on outside of the Rijksmuseum. RIJKS® is a joint venture of Vermaat Groep and the Rijksmuseum.

Responsible for the interior; Paul Linse

For the RIJKS® designer Paul Linse used a mix of materials such as bronze, oak, marble, blue steel and suede. This gives the restaurant it’s cool and stylisch character in combination with the design furniture. Paul Linse was previous responsible for the interior design of various stations in the Netherlands, like Rotterdam Central Station and multiple projects at Schiphol​.

The chefs; Joris Bijdendijk, Wim de Beer and Jos Timmer

Joris Bijdendijk is responsible for the kitchen team of Restaurant RIJKS®, that each season will be inspired by an international guest cook. Margot Janse from South Africa kicks off in January. The focus of the restaurant lies on Dutch products with inspiration from the exotic flavors that influenced the Dutch cuisine through the centuries. The chefs share the Slow Food mindset and have used products from The Ark of Taste in their dishes. Inspiring: At the restaurant a ‘RIJKS TABLE’ is served, check out the menu on the website to learn more about this. We are looking forward to future RIJKS TABLES inspired by the guest cooks and wish Joris Bijdendijk and his team a lot of fun and success at the RIJKS® in the Rijksmuseum.

Bron: www.rijksmuseum.nl/en

Website: http://www.rijksrestaurant.nl/

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