Restaurant Wynwood will soon open in Eindhoven


Star Chef Wouter van Laarhoven (former chef of restaurant De Molen*) and Eveline Wu will open restaurant Wynwood in Eindhoven in the beginning of July. The restaurant has an international profile with food and drinks at top level and at attractive prices.

The restaurant, named after the art and fashion district Wynwood in Miami, is located in the district Strijp-S, the creative, cultural and technological center of Eindhoven. The restaurant is 650 sqm with over 100 seats.

Wouter van Laarhoven about his Wynwood

Wouter van Laarhoven starts Wynwood with business partner Eveline Wu, who owns several catering companies. Van Laarhoven: “Wynwood is a sexy restaurant with an international flair and a global appeal. This is reflected in delicious high quality food at a very attractive price, perfect service, contemporary décor and a stylish international atmosphere. We serve a four-course meal for around thirty euro made with top-quality ingredients, being presented at luxury tableware and with linen napkins. Guests will experience luxury in all facets but without the associated financial consequences. Guests can visit for a (business) appointment, a good cup of coffee with freshly made pastries, lunch, dinner and at the bar for a cocktail or glass of wine with barbites. In short Wynwood will be buzzing all day. At Wynwood you can eat fantastic food and great drinks for the same price as in a coffee shop or brasserie. Despite the high level I have no ambition to earn a Michelin star with Wynwood.”

Bar and Terrace at Wynwood

The restaurant features a bar area where bartenders serve special cocktails and wines together with barbites. The bar is also open for just a drink in the evenings. Outside is a large terrace and adjacent Wynwood, a fully separated takeaway will be realized where fish and chips is sold in a fancy manner.

We follow the developments of restaurant Wynwood through Facebook where they are keeping their audience informed about all the developments. The exact opening date will be notified here as well. If past results are a guarantee for the future, even if he isn’t pursuing a Michelin rating, then Eindhoven has a new gourmet restaurant in town! And maybe Wouter will be serving his nut bread to accompany a cheese platter!

Website: Wynwood

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