Restaurant W36: Mixing flavors like music


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  • Opening W36
  • Opening W36
  • Opening W36

With the opening of restaurant W36, Amsterdam gained a unique culinary experience. By the motto ‘Mixing flavors like music’ W36 is a place where different flavors and styles mix. This is reflected in the menu, what a mixture is of different cuisines, and in the interior, where the contemporary design is combined with raw materials such as steel, wood, leather and glass.

A place where everything comes together

W36 Restaurant was founded by three international investors. Ginger Zerbretto is known in the culinary world and formed the concept together with international DJs Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano. Together they have created a place where food, drinks, music, interior and ambience come together. Davide D’Agostino is the executive chef at the restaurant. He mainly uses local produce that goes along with the season. Meat has an important role in the restaurant: W36 has a butcher in the restaurant where the meat of the guests are prepared.

The best of everywhere in Amsterdam

Ginger: “The concept of W36 is inspired by the passion for good food in combination with a special location. Through the inspiration of Sunnery and Ryan, who travel around the world and look for the best and tastiest piece of meat everywhere, W36 became a place where you find yourself traveling without traveling.” Sunnery “This restaurant has everything what we want. W36 is our hang out when we are in Amsterdam!” Ryan: “Amsterdam is our home, and here everything comes together what we love, we have the best of everywhere taken to W36.”

Website: W36

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