Restaurant Sukade | Design elements in the Smaeckpakhuys in Meppel


  • Sukade exteriorSukade exterior
  • Sukade barSukade bar
  • Sukade viewSukade view
  • Sukade central partSukade central part
  • Sukade second floorSukade second floor
  • Sukade restaurantSukade restaurant
  • Sukade restaurantSukade restaurant
  • Sukade coffeebarSukade coffeebar
  • Sukade interior by nightSukade interior by night

In the monumental Dutch storehouse Smaeckpakhuys at the Stoombootkade in the Dutch town Meppel recently opened restaurant Sukade (candied peel). A contemporary and affordable restaurant with a striking interior where the chef performs at a high level. He uses a lot of vegetables and his meat and fish being processed from head to tail. Restaurant Sukade combines a (coffee) bar, bistro and restaurant where guests can visit from 10am. A restaurant with a unique and contemporary interior with an open kitchen, designed by the chef. But also eye-catchers like the wallpaper with the candied peel fruit and two bars with azure green tiles, from one of the bars they serve delicious cakes. Also striking are the mustard green couches and the dark green and blue seat covers.

The kitchen of restaurant Sukade

Thomas van Mechelen is the chef of restaurant Sukade who previously worked at the restaurant De Bovenmeester in Steenwijk and at restaurant Os en Peper in Zwolle. Vegetables play an important role in his kitchen.  In addition to the regular menu, there is a vegetable menu and there is always a seasonal vegetarian dish. The menu is compact and changes every two weeks, so they can always cook fresh and surprising and little needs to be thrown away. Chef Thomas cooks from a classic French basis, sometimes with elements from Asia or other parts of the world. He has a refreshing style of cooking, in which products are always recognizable. According to the manager Bianca Henken-Meppelink: “In the short time we’re open our Sunday Roast has become a success. It’s a great opportunity to eat out for a modest price on Sunday, for example after a refreshing walk in the woods.” Check out their Instagram for more pictures.


They use as many natural and local ingredients as possible and have an eye for sustainability. They process animal from head to tail, because they find it a waste to use only the better known, more expensive parts. The fish from the bycatch is going in the bouillabaisse and they make a delicious bread pudding with candied peel and the leftovers of bread from their baker ‘Bas Bakt’. The building has been rebuilt energy efficient and they use organic coffee from the local roaster Frans de Grebber.

Website: Restaurant Sukade

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