Restaurant SILO: as ‘green’ as possible entrepreneurship


SILO, a new restaurant in Brighton, has got an ‘zero waste’ perspective on sustainable behavior.

According to Douglas McMaster, joint owner of restaurant SILO, there is too much waste and processed food nowadays. That’s why he created SILO, a green restaurant, bakery and a coffee house in one building.

Restaurant SILO reduces waste

Restaurant SILO takes different types of actions to reduce waste. SILO emails the menu to their guests to avoid paper waste. The leftovers are going to a composting machine where it is processed into usable compost. But it doesn’t stop there. The interior is made from repurposed materials, such as used school furniture and scaffolding shelves. SILO created a trendy, green environment to have dinner or to drink coffee.

Sustainable products

McMaster works together with sustainable suppliers. He is in direct contact with local farmers and makes sure that the products aren’t processed. Besides that he works together with a coffee supplier who has his coffee beans shipped by a sailing boat. Interested investors can buy themselves in via Crowd2Fund.

Bron: Pop-up city

Website: SILO

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