Restaurant Kaat Mossel celebrates its 25th anniversary with a unique mussel dish


Unique mussel dish and numerous festivities at restaurant Kaat Mossel Rotterdam for their 25th anniversary.

Chef cook Ron Hirt and his spouse and hostess Marie-Claire, celebrate the 25th anniversary of their restaurant Kaat Mossel in September. A fact that is celebrated in a festive manner in this restaurant in Rotterdam, which is famous for its timeless atmosphere, fair food and the recognizable faces.

Restaurant Kaat Mossel is throwing a party in September

While Rotterdam is on international lists as an über trendy city, the nostalgia is cherished at mussel restaurant Kaat Mossel. That’s where the attractiveness lies of this ‘gezellige’ (sociable, cozy) restaurant. The unpolished interior with numerous portraits of the 18th century mistress of mussels: Kaatje Mossel. The restaurant breathes characteristic temperament for which guests keep coming back for decades now. Throughout the month of September, the 25th anniversary is celebrated exuberantly. During the National Mussel Week from 29 August until 6 September 2015, there is a special three-course mussel menu for the price of € 25,= (for the 25th anniversary). And from 1 September all mussel dishes from the menu will be served at the price of € 19,90. The price refers to the birthdate of restaurant Kaat Mossel in 1990. This autumn they will present ‘The Golden Mussel’ in a playful way to a famous person who has done something great for the city Rotterdam. And as a sensational extra blow a mussel dish was created.

Unique mussel dish: mussels à la Kaat Mossel

The chef has created a new unique mussel dish: Mussels with fennel and thyme by the name of ‘Mussels à la Kaat Mossel’. Two kilos of the highest quality mussels from Schmidt Zeevis with fennel, parsley, garlic, thyme, olive oil, butter and white wine, all prepared in the wok. Guests will also get the recipe to take home.


Great idea to create a special dish for an anniversary and to give your guests the recipe to take home. We wish Chef Ron and his spouse Marie-Claire lots of fun with their anniversary celebrations in September.

Website: Kaat Mossel

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