Restaurant Hemingway | Each season a new ‘Dragon egg’ as dessert


  • Het Drakenei van Grand Hotel en Residence De Draak
  • Drakenei van restaurant Hemingway in Grand Hotel en Residence De Draak
  • Het nieuwe keukenteam van restaurant Hemingway ht
  • Drakenei van restaurant Hemingway


Restaurant Hemingway of the oldest hotel in the Netherlands, Grand Hotel and Résidence De Draak (The Dragon) in Bergen op Zoom, has a new dessert item at their menu. A ‘Drakenei’ or in English a Dragon egg. The new chefs of the restaurant will make a new dessert every season with what nature has to offer at that moment and serve it in a ‘Dragon egg’.

The current ‘Dragon egg’ dessert

The current ‘Dragon egg’ is filled with white chocolate, apricot, goat cheese, pumpkin, cinnamon and almonds, sounds good don’t you think? Original dessert especially at the Dragon Hotel! It might even become a collector’s item, especially for chocolate lovers! Like, you must have eaten all the “Dragon eggs” and even more importantly: you must have posted a picture of it on Instagram. Restaurant Hemingway is affiliated with Jeunes Restaurateurs Europe, The Netherlands.

The new kitchen team

A great idea of ​​the restaurant’s new kitchen team and Grand Hotel and Résidence De Draak. Last months, chef Sander Doggen left restaurant Hemingway, he was the one who got the much desired  Bib Gourmand from Michelin, last year. The new team of chefs consists of Bart van Huffel de Boeck, Ibolya Kokke and Edwin Vermeulen.

Website: Restaurant Hemingway

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