Restaurant Basiliek* changes opening hours and interior after reopening


  • Tabitha & Rik Jansma van restaurant Basiliek

One Michelin-starred restaurant Basiliek in Harderwijk (The Netherlands) will change its opening hours at the moment they’re allowed to reopen and welcome guests again. The interior of the restaurant will change as well. The COVID-19 pandemic provided the couple who own the place, Tabitha and Rik Jansma, with new insights with some changes as a result. ‘Something that we wanted for a longer period of time’.

We are curious how many restaurants, bar or hotels will apply changes within their concept. We suppose that the popular meal sharing concepts disappear after reopening. Just like COVID-19 is crucial for the open jars of nuts on tables. Restaurant Basiliek will also change the number of guests, which is something every restaurant has to deal with and where the concept is decisive regarding to the revenue of the restaurant. Sadly enough, this is something we have been testing with the ‘6 feet distance’. The decision to apply new closing hours is choosing for more private time, and it is great if your concept can carry this decision. There is no information provided about continuing with delivery and take-out meals in their press release, but we are very curious how concepts will apply this within their operations. Are you changing your concept, let us know!

Covid-19 gives new insights to couple from restaurant Basiliek in Harderwijk

Tabitha and Rik Jansma choose to only open their restaurant for dinner from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday will be their new closing days. The opening hours will be adapted to the potential measures due to COVID-19. If the restaurant has to close its doors earlier in the evening, they will open their doors earlier. More separate tables will be applied within the interior and the maximum number of guests goes from 50 to 30, so that guests have more space. Long tables will be replaced by separate tables.

‘The COVID-19 measures gave us new insights, made the feeling stronger. Our social life has improved by the forced closure. We find this important. That is why we choose to open our restaurants from Monday to Friday when we can reopen. We compensate Saturday by opening on Monday’, according to Rik Jansma. At first, restaurant Basiliek was opened from Tuesday till Saturday. The extensive menu with 15 a-la-carte meals will stay. Next to that, Basiliek will work with menus.

About Restaurant Basiliek

Restaurant Basiliek is located near the historical Vischmarkt in Harderwijk, and has a casual atmosphere where cosiness, fun and feeling at home is important. The restaurant has an artisanal cooking style with love and respect for nature. The restaurant opened its doors in 2006 and received the first Michelin-star in 2007. Basiliek is part of the restaurant association JRE-Nederland.

Website: Restaurant Basiliek

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