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  • Taiko’s Ingrediënt van het JaarRed King Crab
  • Taiko’s Ingrediënt van het JaarRed King Crab

Taiko, the modern-Asian restaurant of the Conservatorium hotel in Amsterdam announced her new ‘Ingredient of the year’. It’s the Kamchatka crab, also known as the Red King Lobster. Chef Schilo van Coevorden has created a completely new Omakase menu with as special ingredient the Kamchatka crab, which you can enjoy until the 18th of September 2018.

Taiko’s Ingredient of the Year

The Red King Crab can weigh up to ten kilos and has a leg span of two meters. That’s why it’s called the king of crabs. Schilo got fascinated with this crab when he was working in Osaka (Japan), almost two decades ago. He discovered a restaurant chain, where they only served Kani (the Japanese word for crab). This unforgettable experience has inspired Schilo to create Taiko’s new ‘Ingredient of the Year’ Omakase menu.

Red King Crab

The crab is flown in alive from the fishing village Hammerfest in Norway to the Dutch fish company Jan van As in Amsterdam. It’s stored alive in a basin at this company, to be able to always supply Taiko with the freshest Red King Crab. Schilo went to Hammerfest (Norway) to see how local fishermen catch and prepare the crab. “Norwegians only cook the crabs or prepare them on the barbecue, but because the water where the crab is caught is so pure, you can also eat the meat perfectly as sashimi. The combination of the silty moisture from the scissors and the sweet meat is perfect if prepared this way. For example, I serve the crab in Taiko, among other dishes, on ice flavoured by the head, but also as smoked sushi”. Curious about this and Schilo’s other original and surprising dishes of Red King Crab? Until the 18th of September 2018 you can enjoy Taiko’s special 12-course “Ingredient of the Year”,  Omakase menu.

And the winner of the contest

Last week we wrote about the contest of the Conservatorium Hotel in which you could guess the ‘Ingredient Of The Year’. One of the prizes that could be won was a twelve course menu in Taiko + one night at the Conservatorium Hotel for two people. The winners will be contacted personally!

Website: Restaurant Taiko

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