Quirky ‘storytelling’ video for BUNK hotels | ‘Another hotel’


  • BUNK Hotels in Utrecht en Amsterdam
  • BUNK Hotel Utrecht - credits Wouter van der Sar
  • BUNK Hotel Utrecht - credits Wouter van der Sar
  • flexwerken bij het BUNK Hotel in Utrecht - credits Michiel Ton

If you have missed the news: BUNK Hotels has recently opened the doors of its first location in the heart of Utrecht in an old church. BUNK Amsterdam will open soon, also in a former house of God.

We wrote earlier about this special hotel in the Westerkerk in Utrecht, and with the announcement of BUNK Amsterdam they have created a special promotional video for the concept. A big nod to Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel, that’s what you could call this artistic piece of cinematography from BUNK. And also an ode to the bird of paradise that lurks in everyone, as ultimately we all have our own original story. BUNK brings these stories together.

Another hotel | Storytelling

Jean-Pierre tries to dive into his porridge. George is getting ready for a big gig. Julia is working on her masterpiece on Tasmanian prison tattoos. And who is that peculiar cat lady? Discover it in ‘Another Hotel’ Promo Video from BUNK, the most unique hotel in the Netherlands. Or was it a hostel?

BUNK: 2 churches, 200 rooms and 20,000 stories.

The BUNK concept is a blur between a hotel and hostel. Whether it is a hotel with hostel prices or a hostel with the luxury of a hotel, you will have to discover that yourself. In any case, it’s design, art, culture and luxury for everyone. And love. Because love is always in the details and BUNK is crazy about details. They provide astonishment and invite you to go on a journey of discovery within the former church. To discover even more jokes and little gems and let the wonder sparkle. This way BUNK becomes part of the story. Jean-Pierre, George and Julia know all about it. And we now also through their storytelling video, Another hotel.



Website: BUNK hotels

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