Purple Tea | Tea that changes colours


JustTea’s Purple Leaf Tea is a new category of tea, completely unique to the world market. When a few drops of lemon are added to the tea, the liquid changes to an enhanced purple-pink colour. Besides that, the tea also offers some great health benefits and supports small-scale farmers.

Why does the Purple Tea changes in colour?

So how does this work? Purple Leaf Tea’s bushes actually grow purple leaves in Kenyan tea gardens. The leaves are purple because they contain anthocyanins, the same molecules that make other antioxidant rich plants purple, like blueberries, pomegranates, and acai berries. When the Anthocyanins are being introduced to an acid such as lemon drops, they will react by changing colour.

Other benefits

Purple Tea is low in caffeine and organically grown. It’s the only tea containing anthocyanins, which are also good for a lower cholesterol, improve immune health, and help as a natural anti-inflammatory. The Tea Research Foundation of Kenya has stated that Purple Tea has more antioxidant activity than Green or Black tea, making it one of the healthiest teas you can drink!

Drinking JusTea’s Purple Leaf Tea will also directly benefit Kenyan farming families. JustTea works with small-scale tea farmers, providing new opportunities for sustainable growth and employment for their families with a focus on ethical, natural, and quality tea.

Website: Purple Tea

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