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  • Pullparrot

On average one out of ten people in the world are lefthanded. According to a Dutch article ‘Wetenschap in Beeld’ a cork screw is one of the worst obstacles for lefthanded people. In order to solve this problem Pulltex, producer of cork screws, developed a special version of the corkscrew for lefthanded people with another direction of rotation. De ‘Pullparrot’ has a double lever and an extra-long spiral.

White Pullparrot

The Pullparrot is especially made for the professional sommelier but is also easy to use for amateurs. Just as the righthanded version the lefthanded version has a two-stage mechanism, the most pleasant system for a cork screw.  De first ‘stage’ is slightly bent in order to perfectly fit the bottle´s neck. Due to the long spiral there is enough space for the lever to fit the bottle´s neck and pull the cork halfway the bottle. Due to the second lever enough force can be created in order to completely pull out the cork. The contrary spiral is completely covered with a white teflon layer, due to the teflon layer the cork screw can easily enter the cork without damaging it. The cork screw is equipped, just as the standard cork screws, with a bent knife in order to remove the bottle cap.

Bron: Bossenbroek B.V.

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