Pub-Corn | Popcorn with a beer, Irish cream or Pina Colada taste



Popcorn remains a popular product to experiment with, even in 2018. The latest taste we have encountered is ‘beer popcorn’, popcorn with beer flavors. Created and made by Pub-Corn, which has several alcohol infused popcorn flavors in the assortment, like Irish cream and Pina Colada.


Last month we wrote about the culinary popcorn of Joe & Seph’s, they came with ‘irish coffee liqueur’ and ‘espresso martini’ popcorn. Pub-Corn focused on the beer taste and also came with ‘irish cream’ flavored popcorn and a pina colada popcorn. That this is well received is evident from the many media appearances.


As we said in the article we wrote in December: if you do not have the opportunity to buy this popcorn in one of their stores or other retailers, let yourself be inspired by all their festive flavors. Popcorn remains an ideal appetizer with a cocktail, glass of champagne, wine or glass of beer.

Website: Pub-Corn

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