Proeftuin Noordwijk | Restaurants in Noordwijk serve dishes of the future


  • Lancering Proeftuin NoordwijkLancering Proeftuin Noordwijk
  • Lancering Proeftuin NoordwijkLancering Proeftuin Noordwijk
  • Lancering Proeftuin NoordwijkLancering Proeftuin Noordwijk
  • Lancering Proeftuin NoordwijkLancering Proeftuin Noordwijk

Recently nine restaurants in Noordwijk started serving dishes of the future. The chefs in Noordwijk are inspired by local and sustainably grown seasonal products, recognisable on the menu by the stamp of ‘De Tuin van Holland – Proeftuin Noordwijk’ (the garden of Holland – trial garden Noordwijk).

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Proeftuin Noordwijk | Result of a collaboration within the Green Circle ‘The Garden of Holland’

Roberto ter Hark, alderman of the municipality of Noordwijk, gave the official starting signal for Proeftuin Noordwijk, an initiative of Noordwijk Marketing, province of South Holland and the Dutch  Royal Horeca association (department Noordwijk). Participants are Beachclub O. (dish: Dab filet, rouleau of green cabbage and brussels sprouts), De Baak Seaside (dish: tartare of beetroot (dried and marinated to structure of muscle. With pickles and radishes, cream of piccalilli and crumb of dried olives), Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin (dish from Restaurant Latour: salsify with Jerusalem artichoke and vadouvan and macadamia nut) and (dish from Breakers Beach House: mushrooms, celeriac, sauce of truffle and crispy potato), Nomade Beach House (dish: Ossobuco; veal mousseline of oca tuber, stir-fried Brussels sprouts and red cabbage atjar), Van der Valk Palace Hotel, Restaurant Onder de Linde (dish: soft-cooked mackerel, cream of chicory/beet and a vinaigrette carrot/yuzu, raw marinated Brussels sprouts and Pearls of carrot) , Villa de Duinen (dish: faux gras with stewed pear, timut pepper, smoked almond with chickpea champagne) and Zorghotel De Kim (dish: wild rice with roasted Dutch Brussels sprouts with farmers’ cheese from Leiden, hazelnuts and lemon olive oil and a fresh salad of green and red cabbage).

Proeftuin Noordwijk is the result of a collaboration within the Green Circle ‘The Garden of Holland’.  In this collaboration, a broad coalition of chefs, farmers, doctors and chain partners are working towards a contemporary, healthy, seasonal and sustainable Dutch cuisine for everyone. In doing so, they want to contribute to future-proof solutions for the agricultural sector. It is clear that structural solutions require commitment from the entire chain – from farm to fork.

Delegate Meindert Stolk (Economy and Innovation): “South Holland faces major challenges that require an integrated approach: a transition to more local and plant-based food and improving the health of the agricultural sector, our soil, our water and ourselves. Such a complex process does not happen by itself, but it can be done. We are taking steps in the right direction by looking at what can be done together. This will reveal where opportunities and bottlenecks lie.”

Tools for healthy sustainable choices

In cooperation with Dutch Cuisine, principles have been developed to give chefs tools for making healthy, sustainable choices. With their dishes, the Noordwijk chefs give a culinary perspective on the food system of the future. Each participating restaurant has one or more dishes with the stamp of ‘The Garden of Holland’ on the menu.

Stephan Stokkermans, chairman of the KHN (Dutch Royal Horeca Association) Noordwijk: ‘I am enormously proud of the entrepreneurship, the creativity of our restaurants and chefs and the energy and drive and connection from Noordwijk Marketing. With the concrete start of the trial garden Noordwijk we have ensured that Noordwijk is at the forefront of ‘The Garden of Holland’.

Chain from farm to table at Proeftuin Noordwijk

To achieve robust agriculture for the future, a sustainable earning model for producers is essential. The Green Circle ‘The Garden of Holland’ is therefore committed to connecting high-quality, sustainable products from the region to hotels, restaurants, caterers and workplaces. Many logistics chains are not or hardly equipped to handle products from nearby. However, a smooth chain from grower to kitchen is necessary to increase demand for sustainable products from the season. In Proeftuin Noordwijk, catering wholesalers Rungis and Horesca Horescavo facilitate purchasing and guarantee the availability of sustainably grown seasonal products and ingredients from local producers.

Health and enjoyment go hand in hand

Proeftuin Noordwijk also contributes to the development of a healthy and energetic region and Noordwijk salutary seaside resort. Managing director Noordwijk Marketing Quirine Kamphuisen said: “With Proeftuin Noordwijk, we are taking a wonderful concrete step in the development of Noordwijk as the place where health and enjoyment go hand in hand. This way, the chefs show how delicious healthy food can be and who knows, they may inspire residents and visitors to take it up themselves too.”

The Garden of Holland | Forgotten food revolution as inspiration

Inspiration for The Garden of Holland is the historical story of a forgotten 17th-century food revolution in our region. Doctors and scientists began to realise the importance of healthy food. Fruit and vegetables gained an important role on the menu. Raw and fermented came into fashion and sugar was used much less. This forgotten food revolution laid the foundations for the characteristic Dutch polder landscape and modern agriculture and horticulture in the region.

Website: De Tuin van Holland

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