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PopPods are the first space to nap, shower and relax, you can book your private pod to use for 30 mins or longer. Located at 12 Bache’s Street, N1 6 DL in London. PopPods opened in the beginning of October 2017 and this new sleep and relaxation experience is created by the startup Pop & Rest. Different studies show that a powernap improves performance and alertness. So if you’re just one day in London for sightseeing or shopping, stop by and take a powernap!

PopPods | How does it work?

Once an ‘Airbnb for naps and yoga’, Pop & Rest has evolved to become an on demand private space service which aims to “offer people in large cities peaceful and private spaces that allows them to disconnect from busy places such as airports, train stations and workplaces”, said Mauricio Villamizar, CEO.

  1. Book your private space for 30 mins up to 2 hours easily with your name and email.
  2. Confirmation – You’ll receive a confirmation email with your date and time.
  3. Check-in – A receptionist will welcome you and set you up in your private and peaceful pod.
  4. Enjoy your break – Just lie down and relax. Take a nap and use the private showers to refresh afterwards.

About Pop & Rest

PopPods is the first space fully designed by pop & rest in partnership with Space Made Easy. Mauricio and Yoann Demont, COO and cofounder, have worked with an interior designer to create a unique experience getting inspirations from the Japanese sleeping pod style. There are four sleeping and yoga pods and showers available in the space. The mission of Pop & Rest is to help people recharge. This is why tea, coffee and fruits will be included in the booking. Pop & Rest is targeting travelers and commuters to London. In 2015 there were 31 million travelers in London compared to 3 million commuters to the City of London in 2011.

Mauricio Villamizar and Yoann Demont, cofounded Pop & Rest in January 2016 . Mauricio is Colombian and an expert in medical tourism and wellbeing services. Yoann is from France and a web entrepreneur.

Website: Pop & Rest

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