Popocatepetl | Free nacho’s for the rest of your life


On September 16, 2017 it will be National Nacho Day at the restaurants of Popocatepetl in The Netherlands. As a tribute to Independence Day in Mexico. To highlight this happy fact, Popocatepetl organizes a contest where their guests can win memorable prizes including ‘free nacho’s for the rest of your life’.


Paying the bill after a fun night out isn’t something most of us look forward to. At Popocapetl’s however, guests can win prizes with the code they receive on their bill. Submitting this code on the website www.nationalenachodag.nl gives them a chance to win several prizes which can be collected at one of the seven locations of Popocatepetl The Mexican. The contest is taking place from the 21st of August until the 15th of September. The only thing you need to do is have dinner at one of the restaurants. Maybe you will be the winner of the main prize: free nachos for the rest of your life at Popocatepetl The Mexican.

Popocatepetl; begrip in Nederland

The Mexican restaurant Popocatepetl has been in the Netherlands for 35 years and has many regular guests. In Mexico, ‘Popocatepetl’ refers to the volcano Popocatepetl in Mexico City, it means ‘where the earth becomes hot’. In The Netherlands, the seven locations of Popocatepetl are known for their good food in a Mexican atmosphere.

Website: Nationale Nacho Dag

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