Pop-up restaurant SterkWater introduces visitors to Fort Giessen in a culinary way


  • pop-up SterkWater in Fortpop-up SterkWater in Fort Giessen
  • pop-up SterkWater in Fortpop-up SterkWater in Fort Giessen
  • pop-up SterkWater in Fortpop-up SterkWater in Fort Giessen
  • pop-up SterkWater in Fortpop-up SterkWater in Fort Giessen
  • pop-up SterkWater in Fortpop-up SterkWater in Fort Giessen
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In July, you will have the opportunity to discover the Dutch Fort Giessen in a culinary way. From 7 to 31 July, travelling pop-up restaurant SterkWater, a catering experience that brings the hidden stories of the Dutch Waterline to life, will take place here. At Fort Giessen, visitors will be taken on a culinary evening full of stories, delicious food and music. With a menu inspired by the fortress, SterkWater lets you experience Dutch history in a very special way.

Guests are offered a full dinner including drinks and an evening of music and experience. All information and tickets can be found on the website.

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Unique catering experience at special location

Every edition, pop-up restaurant SterkWater will set up at special locations such as castles, forts, bunkers and historical sites along the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie. This edition is Fort Giessen, with one of the largest intact artillery sheds in the Netherlands. Visitors will delve deeper into the location and discover hidden stories through flavours, live music and an exciting exploration. Guests walk past the almost 150-year-old buildings, the moat, a unique above-ground trench and the cannon of the fortress. Afterwards, they settle down for dinner in the historic courtyard. All dishes are based on the secrets of the fortress and the New Dutch Waterline. History is not the only thing on the plate. Together with local culinary friends, SterkWater will provide delicious surprises, such as Lekker Gemekker from Altena, De Fruitschuur and Buitengewoon Varkens. For the enthusiasts, there is also a vegetarian version of the menu and with the included drink package, you can taste delicious matching wines or non-alcoholic mocktails.

Fort Giessen

Pop-up restaurant SterkWater and Brabants Landschap have entered into a three-year cooperation to tell the stories of the Fort near Giessen. The Fort near Giessen dates back to 1881 and is the southernmost fortress of the New Dutch Waterline. Together with 44 other forts and batteries of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie, it was responsible for protecting The Netherlands against enemies from the east and the south. Since last year, the entire Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fort Giessen had to prevent a direct attack on the fortress of Woudrichem and kept the southern Maasdijk under fire with its artillery.

In the fortress you will find a museum about the First World War, when Fort Giessen was fully manned and the soldiers filled their time with combat exercises. They also built a trench system with shelters, some of which can still be found around the fort. During the SterkWater edition, you can follow the story of soldier Jacob Haarsma, who was called up and stationed in Almkerk from where he had to carry out his duties. He kept a diary in which he describes each day’s situation in terms of work, sleep, accommodation and leisure. Visitors to SterkWater will be taken on a unique journey through these extraordinary stories.

About pop-up restaurant SterkWater

Pop-up restaurant SterkWater is a travelling restaurant that tells the history and future use of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie. Characteristic are the long dining tables with room for everyone, the intimate atmosphere and the menu tailored to the location. They will set up camp at various locations along the ‘waterlinie’, including this summer at Fort Zuylen and Fort Rijnauwen. Especially for pop-up restaurant SterkWater, these places will be opened, where tables will be laid and the beautiful spots can be experienced. In forts, castles, between special buildings and surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna, you will experience the Dutch ‘waterlinie’ in the best possible way. Each location tells its own story, from the past, present and future. Taste the special dishes that have a link with the defense work and experience the history of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie in a special way.


Website: SterkWater.

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