Poesiat & Kater | Beer&Bite tasting at one of the former biggest breweries in the Netherlands


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Van Vollenhoven’s beer brewery ‘De Gekroonde Valk’ used to be the biggest brewery in the Netherlands. Last month, Van Vollenhoven’s’ successor opened in Amsterdam: brewery and tasting room Poesiat & Kater. The traditional and historic beers from Van Vollenhoven will be served here as well as a selection of Poesiat & Kater’s own developed beers. The food on the menu is tailored to the beers which makes it an interesting place for those who love beer and food-combinations, a small ‘Beer&Bite’ tasting is also a fun option.   


The brewery is a continuation of the Van Vollenhoven brewery ‘De Gekroonde Valk’ that existed 250 years and even was the largest brewery in the Netherlands around 1900. The best known and most drunk beer was the Van Vollenhoven’s Extra Stout. In 1949, the brewery was taken over by Heineken which meant the end for the brewery. The only beer who survived was the Van Vollenhoven’s Extra Stout, though on a smaller scale. Therefore, Stichting ‘De Gekroonde Valk’ had no doubts when Heineken announced to stop with the production of the beer early this century. They now own the original recipe and are distributing the Van Vollenhoven’s Extra Stout since 2006.


The brewery is managed by Julián Álvarez Zárate. At Poesiat & Kater he brews the Van Vollenhoven beers by traditional and historical recipes. Besides that, he also develops the modern Poesiat & Kater beers. Throughout the year there are seven beers on draught available which can be perfectly combined with dishes on the menu. Another option is to choose for a ‘Beer&Bite tasting’, a tasting of three small glasses of beer combined with three small bites. The kitchen is open daily for lunch, drinks and diner.

Poesiat & Kater

The new brewery is named af master-carpenter Bart Poesiat and master mason Klaas Kater. They were ‘workmen’ of the Van Vollenhoven brewery who played an important role in improving the working- and living conditions of workers in the Netherlands.

Website: Poesiat & Kater

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